Sunday, August 19, 2012

The bare neccessities?

So my suitcase is packed and when packing my cosmetics bag I really tried sticking to the minimum as I know my girlfriend would be making fun of me and my massive washbag, especially because we will have a weight limit of 15kg on one of our flights.

Well, these are my 'essentials' for 12 nights away, which includes a cruise so some make up will be needed:


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Holiday shopping

I'm going on holiday on Monday so today I went shopping to get a few last bits like travel size toothpaste, facewash and nail polish remover wipes.

I had seen this adorable wash bag on someone else's blog and knew I HAD to have it. It's from the kids department at Primark and only £4, it's adorable!

And these are the nail polishes I have bought/swapped this week alone, I think I have a problem ;-)

Also, look what my lovely friend sent me in the post. She was given this as a gift with purchase at the clinique counter and didn't have any use for it.
So cute!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 2012 Empties

Hello, my name is The Nanny and I'm a cosmetics hoarder

I have a massive drawer full of creams, soaps and potions and I've been trying to use up some of them before purchasing new 'stock' ;-)

So between July 15th and August 15th, this is what I finished up. I didn't use more of it just to finish a product as that would have been a waste.

Let's start:

1.Imperial Leather foamburst Hawaiian Spa shower foam 200ml
This took ages to finish. The bottle claims it contains enough for 40 showers and I definitely believe it. What a bargain!
I really liked the smell of it.

2.Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub 300ml
My alltime favourite body scrub. The smell is amazing and it leaves your skin baby soft. I have already re-purchased this one.

3.The Body Shop 'Love ETC' Body Butter 200ml

The smell is similar to the Soap & Glory Body Butter so that was nice as I got the Body Shop one during an online sale(50% off I think) Left my skin soft but maybe not as nourishing as Soap & Glory 'Righteous Butter', which I will buy again in the winter, by which time I should have used up all my other body butters.

4.Cutex Strengthening Nail Polish remover 100ml
5.Asda Nail Polish Remover 250ml

They both did exactly what it says on the tin. Didn't notice any difference between cheap and more expensive nail polish remover.

6.Mischa Barton 'Lemon Zest' Whipped Shea Body Butter 65g
This is amazing and if this small pot wasn't £10 it would be all I'd ever use. I managed to buy one more on ebay for a couple of £ but haven't been able to find it anywhere for cheap. The smell is lovely and fresh and it feels really nourishing to my dry skin.

7.Bath & BodyWorks 'Vanilla Berry Sorbet' antibacterial foaming hand soap 259ml
One of the things I bought when I was in Florida earlier this year.
I LOVE Bath & BodyWorks hand soaps and always bring 3 or 4 back home from the States.

8.REN Mayblossom Balancing Cleansing Gel 25ml
9.Clinique liquid facial soap mild 30ml

They were nice face soap, not much to say about them. Not too harsh but managed to remove my make up. I have recently given up facial wipes and have been using muslins and cloths instead and feel my face has been cleaner compared to when I was using the wipes.

10.No7 Beautiful Skin Facial Wipes

I bought these using my £5 off voucher so they only cost me £2.50, they did the job of cleansing my face and removing my make up but like I said, I try not to use them anymore.

11.Di Palomo Wild Fig&Grape hand cream 25ml
This was in a recent Lux Bux and I really enjoyed the smell. I'm constantly washing up or washing my hands so I have extremely dry hands and cuticles and am always using hand cream.

12.L'Occitane Immoretelle Brightening Hand Cream 15ml

This was in the 'Latest in Beauty' Box a couple of months ago and I'm glad I finished it. It was a lovely handbag sized product but it felt a bit sticky.

13.Oral B complete Toothpaste 50ml
nothing to say about toothpaste really ;-)

And now some products I didn't actually finish but I'm throwing them out anyway

14.VO5 curl boost crunching spray 200ml
This made my hair look 'wet' even when I didn't use a lot of the spray. Not a fan of 'wet hair' look

15.Impulse 'Loving Words' body fragrance 75ml
I just bought it because the bottle looked fun but I'm not liking the scent

16.No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara in black 9ml
This was a £12 mascara and in my eyes(ha) it's not worth the money. I didn't like the brush and it made my lashes look clumpy.

17.Clinique High Impact Mascara black 4g
a magazine freebie and I really liked it. Just throwing it out because it's gotten a bit too old and I have a few more miniature mascaras to use up.

WOW, 17 products and I didn't even try hard to use up :)
I hope this makes up for the 12 or so nail polishes I have bought in the last week, and no I'm not joking ;-)

I'm going to try and make this a monthly installment, maybe someone out there is interested in seeing which products I'm using up.