Tuesday, August 9, 2011

slowly, slowly

We've had a bit of a slow start to our summer holidays.

First we spent a few days doing nothing because the girls loved to just play at home and make up their own games without rushing from one activity to the next.
Then as we were looking forward to go on a few outings Belle had a stomach virus, *luckily*(for me) she was sick overnight so I only had to wash the sheets and tend to a poorly girl, not clean up vomit.

Last week we were finally able to have some FUN! We went to two different water play areas/fountains here in London, both free and both lots of fun.

First we headed to Ravenscourt Park and then a couple of days later we went to Duke's Meadow in Chiswick
Both paddling pools are about 30 mins by train or bus from the house but luckily public transport is 'part of the adventure' for the girls.
We enjoyed an hour or so of water play followed by a picnic lunch. I love being a nanny :)
I wish I could share some pictures of the girls, they had an absolute blast in the water fountains.

We even had a soft serve icecream from the icecream van on Thursday because it was so hot, so we ticked another thing off our 'to do list' ;-)

There's 4 weeks left of the summer and I'm honestly not sure we're going to get everything done on our list as the weather has been pretty dreadful so a lot of the outdoor activities will have to wait until we (hopefully) have better weather.
And then there's the riots in London...our local bus service is affected so won't be taking the bus to anywhere for now.

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