Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nobody puts nanny in the corner....

One of the reasons I haven't really posted much is that I haven't really figured out what blogging niche I belong in.

I'm by no means a beauty blogger, I can't post any pictures of the kids I look after, so wouldn't make an interesting 'nanny blogger', but I'm also nowhere near ready to start blogging about our own journey to start a family, since that's probably still a couple of years away.
So what do I do?

If you're here because you googled the birthday parties, then you're not interested in reading about the beauty boxes, yet of you're here because you're looking for a product review, you're likely not going to want to read about what the kids and I do all summer long.

I guess I shouldn't really worry since the reason I'm blogging is because I want to do it for myself, but let's admit: it's always nice to have a few followers along for the journey.


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