Saturday, April 21, 2012

Octonauts Birthday Party

Last year Belle and Boo were absolutely obsessed with the Octonauts. I think it started when Belle heard about it from her friends at nursery, where they would all play 'pretend' in the school playground.
We didn't mind the girls watching this show as it was fun and very educational.

So when it came to chosing a theme for her 4th birthday party last Summer, Belle quickly decided on an Octonauts party.
The only problem was that at the time there were no party wares or merchandise available, the only thing you could buy back then were the books.
So her mum and I put out thinking caps on and got creative.

Part of my birthday present for her was this birthday banner with matching Octonauts bunting(there were 2 of the triangle shaped bunting chains, only one is in the picture), it was very time consuming and every circle was cut out by hand(so make that 24 big circles, 24 little ones, 24 triangles and 30 Octonauts figures/symbols)

(note my amazing photo editing skills *haha*)

She and everyone absolutely loved it, I have to say I was very proud when everyone complimented the banner on the day of her party. It did take me a good 5 hours to make so I think I deserved it.

My boss ordered some tshirts and badges off ebay, the quality was not great and the transfers came off in the wash despite washing inside out.

Even the guests joined in:

My boss baked this amazing Tweak bunny cake and I made some cute cupcakes, using the Hummingbird bakery vanilla cupcake recipe:

The children kept busy by colouring Octonauts colouring sheets, making Octonauts headbands/hats, playing pass the parcel and musical statues and also 'Pin the eyepatch on Kwazii'

There was fish shaped foods in the form of sandwiches

and crackers, which I 'imported' from Germany:

(source: here)

It was a great party and everyone loved it.
Next: Boo's 3rd birthday party, which is coming up at the end of May, we are buying paperplates from America because the theme is so HER!

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