Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Post

Well hello there and welcome to my humble little blog.

Since this is my first blog entry I guess I should write a little about myself, I'm 'The Nanny' and have been working as a nanny for almost 9 years now.
I'm currently working for a wonderful family in London and have been with them for just over 3 years now. Their lovely 2 daughters are 'Belle', who's 4 and 'Boo' who's 2. These are obviously not their real names but I'm trying to keep thing anonymously on here.
I started this blog mostly to document our upcoming summer, school's about to finish and I'll have both girls home until they start again in September.
We sat down together and created a summer 'to do list', which includes things like 'go see sheep' and play in the water fountains. We live just a short train ride from central London so finding something fun to do this summer shouldn't be difficult.
I'll post our 'summer fun list' soon.

The three of us enjoy arts&crafts, baking(and eating), reading books, dressing up and much more.

One of my addictions are blogs, mostly China-adoption and cooking blogs.
I started reading the China blogs back in 2006 and it's been fun 'watching' the children grow up over this time.

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