Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School's Out For Summer

It's a wrap!
Today was Belle's last day at nursery(pre-school) and she'll be home for the next 7 weeks.
50 days from today she'll be back at school, not full time for the first two weeks but at least for a couple of hours most days.

She's ready to learn, she desperately wants to read and write but I don't want to work on it too much over the summer as her school has a way of teaching them the alphabet which I am not familiar with.
So for now we're just carrying on what we've been doing. She knows how to write all upper case letters but none of the lower case letters, which I think is what they learn first at school. I don't really want to teach her anything 'my way' and then cause confusion once she starts school.
And also I want her to enjoy the summer, not spend too much time learning -her last chance to do so.

I'll try and post our 'summer-to-do-list' soon, let's hope the summery weather returns at some point over the next 7 weeks or else we can cross 'play in the water fountains' off the list ;-)
It's been in the 60s with lots of rain, so not exactly swimsuit weather

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