Thursday, October 4, 2012

August 2012 Germany Haul

I recently went to Germany to visit my family and of course I couldn't help myself but buy a few things while I was there, mostly food and of course beauty items from the drugstore.

A few months ago I subscribed to a German Beauty Box, which is being sent to my mum's place every month, so when I visited, there were three boxes waiting for me full of wonderful little surprises. This particular beauty box recently changed from being a complete surprise to now knowing in advance what's inside, since you can chose your own samples from a selection of roughly 14 products.
As well as samples, the Douglas Box of Beauty also contains one main product every month, which is usually worth around €10, making the box a very good value since the total cost is in fact €10 including shipping.
Take that Glossy Box!!

Anyway, here are some of the wonderful procducts I bought and some I had in my beauty box(marked with a BOB, which stands for 'Box of Beauty')

starting in the back from left to right:

1) Night Life by Esprit 15ml Eau de Toilette
I don't normally like cheap drugstore perfumes but I quite liked this one when I tested it and for €9 I had to buy it

2) Isana mango guava lipbalm

3) Labello(Nivea in the UK) fruity shine 'cherry' lip balm x 2

4) Clarins HydraQuench mask 15ml(BOB)
this is one of the beauty box luxury samples, so far I have used it once as my skin is rather dehydrated at the moment.

5) & 6) Synergen Handcream in 'lovesong' and 'white chocolate'
cheap and cheerful handcream, €0.65!!

7) Tana Egypt Wonder Lipstick(BOB)
This one changes colour according to the pH of your lips. Mine turned into a very bright pinkish red

8) Gucci Guilty 5ml EdP(BOB)

9) Kenzo Flower Tag 5ml EdP(BOB)

10) Estee Lauder Doublewear Light in a shade 2, my favourite foundation

11) Rexona Maximum Protection 48hr deodorant. I think this brand is called 'Sure' in the UK. I've been wanting to try these for ages but couldn't bring myself to pay £5, so when it was on offer for €3(£2.50) in Germany I snapped one up. Haven't tried it yet as I'm still finishing one of the Secret ones I bought in the US. I always buy my deodorant abroad it seems ;-)

12) Catrice glitter nail polish. Apparently you can never have too many nail polishes

13) Tetesept glitter bath perls for children. This is part of a christmas hamper I'm making for the girls. Full of pink, gllittery girly things.

14) and 15) Burberry Brit scented Body Lotion 30ml and mini perfume spray, this was a 'gift with purchase' and included a nice cosmetics bag as well.

16) Hildegard Braukmann Powder in a shade medium(BOB)
This was the main product in the Beauty Box back in June and everyone thought medium was going to be too dark(we didn't get to choose a shade) but it's perfect for me. I will definitely repurchase this one.

17) Rival de Loop Young Eyeshadow base
I've been lusting for the Urban Decay Primer Potion but it's been out of stock everywhere I went, so I decided to give this one a go. Worth a try for €2.
Have used it twice and the eye shadow stayed put, it's a winner for me!

18) and 19) Essence Nail Polish Corrector pen and nail oil(x2)
I'm not very good at paining my nails, especially my right hand and get quite a bit of polish on my cuticles, this should help me afterwards.
The nail oil is great, I bought one at Christmas and carry it in my bag at all times. They don't always have it in stock so I bought two when I saw them.(€2 each)

20) Ellie Saab Le Perfum 4ml EdT(BOB)
Don't like the smell so trying to swap/sell it

21) Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream(BOB) 5ml
I bought this once before on a plane but didn't enjoy the herbal scent. It was very rich and nourishing, so will keep this for my handbag or for when I go on holiday next January.

22) Lancaster Skin Therapy Oxygen Flash Mask(BOB) 15ml
This was again one of the luxury samples from the beauty box, will finish my Clarins mask first and then try this one.

23) and 24) Alien by Thierry Mugler EdT sample and 30ml scented Body Lotion(BOB).
As I mentioned in my post about my perfume collection, I really do love this scent so when the scented Body Lotion was one of the choices in a previous beauty box I had to have it.
It's slightly shimmery so I will save this for a special occasion and use it on my arms.
The sample is perfect to pop into my handbag.
Sadly my partner is allergic to perfume, so I have to be careful when I use it.

I bought more when I was there but had to leave some things behind due to luggage restriction. Will bring them home at Christmas :)


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