Saturday, October 6, 2012

InStyle and Marie Claire November 2012 Freebies

I LOVE reading magazines and especially love buying them when they have good freebies included.
Right now there are a few ones out worth buying and I picked up a couple of them

Marie Claire November 2012
This includes a 30ml L'Occitane shea handcream in one of 4 varieties. You can choose from original scent, date, rose and mango.
I picked up the original and mango one but may also get the date scented cream next time I'm at the shops.
The magazine retails at £3.70 and the hand cream normally retails at £8 each.

There was also a 50ml Dove colour radiance conditioner included with my magazine but I know some store had sachets of TRESemme hairproducts instead.

Also a sample of Clarins foundation

InStyle November 2012
This included one of three mini Benefit products, choose from Cha Cha tint(mango tinted lip and cheek stain), Benetint(rose tinted lip and cheek stain) or Sunbeam.
I picked up the first two a year ago with Glamour magazine and didn't really care for them, so I tried Sun Beam this time.
It's a golden bronze complexion highlighter, which you apply over your make up.

The magazine also includes a voucher to exchange for a free Bad Gal mini mascara at participating benefit counters as well as the same foundation sample included in Marie Claire.

The Benefit samples are all worth around £8(give or take a few pence) and the magazine retails at £3.80. However, I got mine at Tesco where it sells for £2.50.

I'm very happy about this month's 'freebies', I know I still spent almost £10 on 3 beauty products, so technically they are not freebies but I really enjoy trying out new products like Benefit or getting old favourites like L'Occitane hand cream, which is normally a little too pricey for me considering how much hand cream I use.

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